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Most modern men attach great importance to their appearance, they value carefully cut hair and well-groomed nails, both of the hands and feet. 2k Beauty Salon is a special place in Warsaw in terms of atmosphere and, above all, a professional approach. Our offer includes treatments for men, among others manicures and pedicures and men's hair.

Manicures and pedicures made by us will give men confidence, and beautiful and healthy nails will become a showcase of every well-groomed man. In addition, professional men's haircut, in line with the latest trends and of course, individual customer needs will emphasize facial features and values of male beauty. In 2k, we offer gentlemen not only classic cuts and styling, but also a cover thanks to which men get rid of unwanted gray hair. Such toning of gray is a great way to regain a youthful appearance and make the hair beautiful, well-groomed and nourished.

By inviting men to our Studio, we can guarantee the performance of professional treatments using the highest quality preparations, but also a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Men area - Price list

This is a procedure that aims to give an esthetic look to male hands. It involves removing the cuticles around the nail, giving it shape and applying a vitamin conditioner to the nail plate. Men's manicure is an increasingly popular procedure, and well-groomed hands a symbol of organized and confident men. The treatment gives your hands a healthy look and allows you to relax during.
This is a treatment that aims to give a neat appearance to male feet. It consists in removing dead skin from the feet by peeling and removing calluses. The cuticles around the nails are cut, the nails are shaped and finally painted with a vitamin conditioner. After such treatment, the skin on the feet is naturally soft, moisturized and looks healthy. The treatment improves the appearance and allows you to relax.
Haircutting is done using a hair clipper and scissors. The service also includes hair washing and a hairdresser's advice. A specialist can help in choosing a hairstyle or it can be done according to the customer's preferences.
Haircutting is done using a hair clipper and scissors. The service also includes hair washing and COVER - a gentle coloring with hair care. The treatment is recommended for men who want to cover gray hair.
Includes cutting using only a hair clipper.